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Holistic Solutions Against Electromagnetic Radiation

Optimizing Your Living Environment Achieving Health Resiliency and Well-being

Regain Rejuvenating Sleep


Holistic Solutions Against Electromagnetic Radiation


Optimizing Your Living Environment Achieving Health Resiliency and Well-being


Regain Rejuvenating Sleep

Professional EMF Services

Analysis • Consulting • Testing • Surveys • Mitigation • Assessments

Is Your Home A Healthy Place?

Electronic pollution has risen exponentially up to a quintillion times (1018) since the 1920s. According to a vast body of science BioInitiative Report, man-made radiation can be detrimental to our health. We at Quantum EMF Solutions give well-being the focus it deserves by supporting the body’s ability to regenerate optimally.

Sleeping Areas Assessment

Holistic Solutions

How do we do this? In the area of Radiation Protection. We use state-of-the-art technology against electronic pollution and natural environmental influences such as Geopathic Stress.

Your Guide to Health

In this modern world, dealing with Electronic Pollution can be overwhelming! Where do I start, who should I contact, what do I need to do to help rid me of these stressors? Rest assured, we are here to help. Quantum EMF Solutions is backed by four decades of philosophies and expertise from GEOVITAL Akademie in Austria, which has been treating 1,000’s of patients looking for short and long-term results just like you.

Steps to a Healthy Home

Here’s how we do it:


Identifying artificial and natural radiations from internal and external sources.


Mitigation against radiation exposure requires different solutions. Usually the most effective measures are the simplest ones.

A Healthy Space

A healthy space will improve your family’s health and yours by allowing the body to improve homeostasis. ​

About Martin

I strive to build a distinctive and superior approach based on knowledge, experience, and protocols gained from GEOVITAL Academy. As an EMF Radiation Specialist and Geo-Biologist, I utilize GEOVITAL’s 40 years of experience and philosophies regarding EMF radiation protection and environmental medicine to help my health clients.

I offer advanced identification, troubleshooting, and remediation services, focusing on the most appropriate solutions for each situation. I provide my clients with services characterized by integrity, professionalism, and excellence.

Martin Latino

photo of Martin

An Interactive Experience

The health client will learn how to use different types of instruments during the assessment. This will ensure a greater understanding of the possible issues the owner may have in his own property or home and the solutions to be implemented. Bedrooms will be prioritized; daytime areas will not be neglected during the process. Depending on the findings and questions to be addressed, the on-site consultation can take 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

Below is a short list of conditions that low-intensity
EMF radiation exposure can contribute to:

(Click condition for information)

No radiation, money back guarantee

If there are no levels of epidermal radiation exposure on the bed, you’ll be refunded.